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Accounting Integration

Automate your accounting process by integrating a self-balancing application that can connect all necessary features of various programs in a single platform. Plus, you can take advantage of being more productive at work by automating your account reconciliation, reducing administration time, and eliminating human errors when you adopt this  solution.

Virtual Terminal

Let’s turn your smart device into an online POS terminal! Our virtual payment solutions can help you accept payment anywhere even without POS on hand—offering you the convenience to accept and process credit, debit, and recurring payment transactions from any location with an internet connection.

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Physical Terminal

Enjoy a convenient way to accept payments—whether your customers swipe, dip, or tap. Cloud Banking offers a variety of terminals for our customers. No matter what your needs are, we can find the perfect terminal fit for your business. Connect with us to know which payment solutions are right for your business.

Recurring Payments

Cloud Banking‘s recurring payment solution allows you to automate your billing procedures for a simple payment process and steady cash flow. Using our platform, your business can easily send and receive invoices from your customers, save their information, and reconcile reports. You can also expect a secure, cost-efficient process with our comprehensive fraud prevention technology.

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Experience the convenience of an all-in-one payment platform that includes built-in reporting tools that can provide a single, consolidated view of your business performance. CloudBanking system can house your customer information for easy reference including their transaction history, contact details, and other info to help you analyze their behavior efficiently.


Expand your market place and boost your sales. Integrate CloudBanking’s latest technology that can help you maximize the functionality of your website by making it capable to accept payments. Plus, the assurance that all transactions made via our website plugin solutions are secure and fraud protected.

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Mobile App

Improve your customer shopping experience and boost your sales by accepting e-commerce payments. With CloudBanking’s mobile app, you can process online card payments and other alternative payment solutions from your device in a secure and fast manner.  This gives your customers flexible payment options while improving your business cash flow.

Developer API

Integrate innovative payment solutions to  your application, website, and software complete with customer management, invoicing, recurring billing, and added features. Allow CloudBanking to help you in extending the capabilities of your solutions. With our simple documentation and smart support,  you’ll be up and running in no time.

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Other Features