Customers want a hassle-free travel experience. With CloudBanking Payment processor, enhance your customer traveling experience and gain business continuity through a multi-acquiring strategy. Enjoy a higher conversion rate through payment digitization.
Process Payments in each market securely and efficiently using a feature-rich function of CloudBanking Payment Processing. We provide a mobile solution, Real-time data integration, and innovative developer APIs and tools to create fully custom sites with cutting-edge payment solutions. Optimize your processing cost and gain back-office efficiency through detailed transaction reporting. It enables you to offer more competitive pricing to customers, which increases airlines’ revenue as well as customer satisfaction.

Due to new regulations and physical distancing constraints, travellers are facing challenges in adapting to the existing business models. Our integration with can assist them by providing features with no additional charge. Contact us to receive faster and secure payment.


Boost your revenue while managing risk with our innovative fraud tools. Our feature-rich and fully customizable plugin-in identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and provides the ultimate protection.

Provide your customers to choose their payment methods with our airline payment solution. CloudBanking Payment Solution accepts and processes payment from credit or debit card directly on a POS terminal, or any electronic device.

CloudBanking’s innovative Developer APIs allow you to extend your website and application capabilities to accept an online booking and invoicing. Integrate our payment solution, sync your data and manage apps right from your fingertips.

Our all-in-one payment platform provides a single or consolidated view of your business performance including customer information and transaction history to help you analyze their behavior.

With our virtual terminal, accept ACH payment and allow your business to get paid faster with low fees and less risk exposure. Add ACH payment option when invoicing clients or setting up online payment links.

Integrate with CloudBanking once and obtain access and send payments to 100+processors. Add any provider you want and ensure ongoing compliance and avoid technical resource drain and risk of regulation change.

Avoid technical resource drain and boost your revenue with our Innovative payment solution.


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