Focus on what matters most to your business- your customers. And allow CloudBanking
to take care of your payments. Our payment solution for the health and wellness industry
will be your trusted partner in improving your customer experience. We deliver flexible tools to manage your health and wellness business. Whether you are running a gym
center, yoga classes, swimming, spa, and sauna in one or multiple locations, our recurring payment solution brings convenience not only to customers but to businesses as well.
With our innovative platform engineered to accept all kinds of payments and provide the
security, you need; we can guarantee you streamlined business operation.

With CloudBanking’s web-based payment platform, your students can set up a recurring payment or pay on a one-time as-needed basis. Our payment system supports PCI compliance data security, thus your student’s sensitive information is encrypted and sent via a secure payment channel. Enjoy this hassle-free process when you integrate our payment solution for your online or in-class education and tutoring business.


With CloudBanking payment processing accept and track payments as fast and secure as possible without any lock-in contract and monthly subscription.
Sync up your accounting software with the CloudBanking portal and automate your payment processing and reconciliation.
Optimize your business’ payment and billing process with our subscription and recurring processing tools. Say goodbye to late payments and added cost for chasing unpaid invoices.

Integrate with our virtual terminal and accept and process any card or ACH payments directly on any device.

Keep track of your transaction, customer interaction, and reconciliation report with our build-in reporting tool. Receive a real-time overview of your successful transactions within a given date range and make data-driven decisions.
Connect with CloudBanking and obtain access and send payments to multiple processors. Get access to a backup processor if the primary processor is down and enable failover protection to automatically route traffic.
Optimize your business’ payment and billing process with CloudBanking.


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