Run fast, accurate, and automated accounting processes through CloudBanking’s white label portal for accountants. Simply ask your customers to log in to your dashboard so you can download all their statements and reports-making it easier for you to do their taxes. Likewise, you can make sure that our platform can help you streamline everything from financial consolidation to compliance reporting and audits.
Out innovative payment solutions can easily be integrated into your existing accounting, invoicing, and billing software so you can get paid faster and more secure. Interested? Start by talking to one of our business specialists today.


Sync up with the CloudBanking payment platform and automate your payment processing and reconciliation through accounting software. Spend less time on manual recording and more time on your business growth.
Expect a secure and cost-efficient process with our comprehensive fraud prevention technology. It helps to build a new level of trust between your business and your valued customers.
Send and receive invoices from your clients, save their details, and reconcile reports.
With our virtual terminal, accept any card or ACH payment and allow your business to get paid faster with low fees and less risk exposure.
With our built-in reporting tool, keep track of each client transaction and provide a real-time report for quick information and communication exchange
With provider-agnostic aliases, enable your clients to route traffic to any payment providers, without incurring the risk of securing sensitive data.

Get Paid faster and more secure with the power of payment automatization.

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