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Tired of moving from processor to processor promising a better service and price?
CloudBanking knows how frustrating it is to get a statement only to find out that you are billed higher than what was quoted. Likewise, how tiring the search and shopping for rates all over again. Thus, we at Cloudbanking assure you that your search for the best payment processor ends with us. We don’t hide fees. You will always pay zero and will never have to pay merchant fees again when you subscribe with our Retail Surcharge package.

Credit card processing for businesses with no monthly fee is real!!!

How can this be possible? It’s simple! With CloudBanking game-changer platform, a service fee is automatically added to your every customer’s purchase. We help you pass on the fee from credit card transactions to your customers 100% legal and compliant. Thus, you keep 100% of your every credit card sale—when you sell $100, you receive $100. The service fee paid by the customer will come directly to CloudBanking and we will be the one to pay all your monthly credit card processing transactions. It will never cost you a dime. We assure you that we reduce your credit card fees 100%.

*subject to operating states

Save Your Business $1000s with a Compliant, Legal, and Free Credit Card Processing Solution