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We Value High-Risk Merchants

Banks and low-risk providers may instantly turn down merchant accounts who they deem industries with a history of high chargebacks, irregular high ticket sales, or that are highly regulated. Thus, finding a high-risk payment processing solution that keeps high-risk businesses running efficiently might be a daunting, frustrating process. This is all the more true for the CBD oil industry. In fact, most merchants who fall under this industry get quickly turned down by other processors. For one critical reason: this product, though legal, is derived from the same plant which breeds the illegal and notorious Cannabis.

However, Cloudbanking understands that your business model works for you. We believe in your business’ desire to help the community and we’re committed to providing top-rated services.

CBD Oil Payment Processing Solution for Your Business

Cloudbanking believes that being high risk does not mean that you have no space in E-commerce and online payment processing. That is why our group of experts has designed a solution for you to expand your market and deliver your services and products to anywhere possible. We are dedicated to helping you when others won’t as we believe your business deserves to thrive, too.

Through our years of experience in the payment processing industry, we can assure you that we can help you get approved and stay approved for high-risk merchant accounts, boost your revenue, minimize your chargeback ratio, and help prevent fraud.