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Virtual Terminal
Don’t miss out any payments, make your business payment ready—anytime, anywhere! With Cloud Banking’s Virtual Terminal payment solution, you can safely accept any card type using any device and an internet connection. Our easy-to-use web-payment solution is your perfect partner to grow your business and improve your cash flow. It offers convenience to accept and process credit, debit, and recurring payment transactions with the advantage of reporting accessibility from any location with an internet connection. Unlike other virtual terminal payment gateways, ours supports multi-users, allowing payment authorizations from anywhere via the internet. Virtual Terminal is your go-to payment acceptance solution whether you are in-store or on-the-go, so you can get paid quickly and efficiently.

Adhoc Credit Card

Expand your market place and boost your sales by accepting credit card payments virtually. By integrating Cloud Banking’s virtual terminal solution, you give your customers the convenience to use the payment options they prefer. Adopting the latest technology, we assure all our clients of secure data transactions and fraud protection.

Adhoc ACH

A great way to promote quick payment and minimize business costs. When you accept an ACH payment (or direct debit), you allow your business to get paid faster, with low fees and less risk exposure. This feature is directly integrated into the CloudBanking platform so you can easily add an ACH payment option when invoicing clients or setting up online payment links.
Other Features