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CloudBanking aims to reduce your back-office tasks so you can focus on more important facets of your business. Thus, we developed a change-gamer platform that keeps track of every transaction, customer interaction, and reconciliation report. It’s capable to securely house critical information for optimizing your payments processes. Our all-in-one payment platform includes built-in reporting tools that provide a single, consolidated view of your business performance. So, as you grow your business, why don’t you entrust your cash flow with us and see the difference we can deliver.

Approved Transaction Reports

This feature of your CloudBanking dashboard gives you a high-level, real-time overview of your successful transactions within a given date range. The generated transaction reports can be exported in PDF version.

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Failed Transaction Reports

This feature tracks and displays all unprocessed or unsuccessful transactions of your business within a specific period. The generated report can be exported in PDF version.

Scheduled Reporting

This feature offers a simple way for you to track your business performance on a specified time frame—daily, weekly or monthly. Generated reports will be sent to your email so that you know what’s happening in your business and can make data-driven decisions.

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Other Features
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