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Accounting Integration
Accounting Integration

How much time do you allot in manually recording your dealings? Why don’t you stop the bottleneck and get your time back? Trust CloudBanking’s accounting integration solution to see the difference.

We know for sure that every businesses’ accounting system houses critical data. And in order to run smoothly, data must be secure, accurate, and timely. Thus, manual data entry and bulk imports can’t be your better options. What you need is a solution that delivers security, accuracy, and real-time data updating. A platform that frees up your time and energy with back-office paperwork to let you focus on your more vital goal—growing your business.

Accounting Integration Overview

As technology progresses, almost all of us prefer doing our dealings on the internet. This is all the more true for businesses. Growing numbers of firms today go online to reach a wider market and boost their sales. Payment systems and features, as a result, continuously advance to be flexible to every client’s preference. Thus, the rise of the cashless society. This makes businesses, however, more susceptible to fraud, payment delays, and other issues. But you can prevent these things to happen in your business. We, at CloudBanking, are excited to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow, minus the roadblock of these payment issues.

CloudBanking’s accounting integration solution, an innovative payment technology, can assist you with an automated account reconciliation. We reconcile to the major accounting software that saves you time on accounting administration. When you connect with us, you no longer need to check your accounting software to find outstanding invoices because our system will do it on your behalf and electronically notify you.

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How CloudBanking’s Accounting Integration Solution
Makes Your Account Reconciliation Efficient?


game-changer platform

CloudBanking’s innovative, user-friendly platform ensures that you always receive payment on time. We can assure you that we are your trusted partner in improving your cash flow.


world-class data security

Our company is PCI compliant, so you can rely on us for data security while you are working on your business growth. We ensure that all our clients’ info are always protected.


reduced failed payments

CloudBanking's dashboard is programmed to remind customers of a transaction about to take place through automatic prompts. This way, you are always paid on time.


automated reconciliation

Reduce manual data entry through connecting the accounting management software you trust with our accounting integration solution. Then, our portal will do all the reconciliation works for you.

Integrate with Top-rated Accounting Software


Connect to Xero and have your invoices imported to CloudBanking portal. Your invoices will be processed automatically on the stipulated due day and reconciled back to your accounting software. This saves your time and money in manual administration.

CloudBanking Invoicing

This is a basic invoicing system accessible in the portal. This way, you do not need to connect to external invoicing software. This helps you send an invoice from the portal (adding your logo) to send invoices to the customer.


CloudBanking wants to make your life easier! So we constantly innovate our payment processing solutions to deliver only the latest technology in the market. And, for the first time, we offer an online service that talks directly to your MYOB accounting system and the bank. After you invoice through your MYOB app, allow CloudBanking complete all the succeeding steps—from payment handling and coordination with MYOB to payment reconciliation. This saves you from a dozen of workload, right? And what’s the best part of this? You can get this accounting integration feature absolutely FREE!


You can wave goodbye to hours of attempting to reconcile your payments with your bank statement when you connect CloudBanking with your QuickBooks Online account. It's now very easy:

  • Payments to invoices recorded automatically
  • Invoice payment adjusted for our fees
  • Any CloudBanking fees will be added as a QuickBooks Online bill

The CloudBanking transaction fee is taken before depositing into your account. If you choose to use our payment re-attempt facility, we can re-schedule a payment and update QuickBooks Online, as required.

How Accounting Integration Solution Works?