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About Us

Welcome to CloudBanking! Established in 2015, CloudBanking has continuously assisting businesses of all sizes—startup, SME, or enterprise—through its innovative technology and payment solutions that improve every businesses’ cash flow and revenue. The company’s portfolio of tailored and industry-leading solutions speaks of this commitment.

From CloudBanking’s deep heritage in the payment industry, it saw the need for a revolution within the payments space. This transformed the company into a cash flow accelerator for its customers.

Recognizing the importance of steady cash flow and flexibility of businesses to a multitude of payment options in order to grow and succeed, CloudBanking has developed a single and streamlined cash flow management solution that can manage all payments. Its payment portal is designed to get customers paid on-time, while saving them from the administration cost for chasing payments and long hours of reconciling payments in their accounting system. This makes the CloudBanking platform a trusted end-to-end cash flow solution.

CloudBanking is headquartered in Australia and currently expanding in the US and Europe.

Vision / Mission

CloudBanking mission is to enable local and global businesses to grow in the world economy. We focus on enabling all business sizes, the right to innovative, secure, and simple-to-use payment technology. What makes us great, is our ability to simplify the payment experience and remove any roadblocks for merchants receiving payments.

Our Team

Image of Nathan, CloudBanking CEO

Nathan P.

Chief Executive Officer
Image of Lemmuel, CloudBanking Software Analyst

Emmanuel M.

IT Manager
Image of Carlos, Cloudbanking Software Analyst

Carlos A.

Software Analyst
Image of Andrew, CloudBanking Chief Sales Officer

Andrew F.

Chief Sales Officer
Image of Wilma, CloudBanking Marketing Manager

Wilma C.

Marketing Manager
Image of Lemmuel, CloudBanking Software Analyst

Lemmuel T.

Software Analyst
Image of Rohan, CloudBanking Chief Information Officer

Rohan M.

Chief Information Officer
Image of Marvin, CloudBanking Senior Support

Marvin R.

Senior Support
Image of Jeremy, CloudBanking Technical Support

Jeremy M.

Technical Support

Wayne B.

Operations Manager
Image of Rio, CloudBanking Senior Software Analyst

Rio M.

Senior Software Analyst
Image of Charles, Cloudbanking technical support

Charles L.

Technical Support Representative
Image of Neil, CloudBanking Multimedia Manager

Neil, Jr F.

Multimedia Manager
Image of Mark, CloudBanking Software Analyst

Mark P.

Software Analyst
Image of Arden, CloudBanking Customer Service Representative

Arden B.

Customer Service Representative
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