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Integrate Connectwise to Xero With Multiple Payment Options

Are you looking for seamless integration between ConnectWise and Xero? If yes, you are on the right platform. CloudBanking provides synchronization between ConnectWise to Xero with a one-click solution that seamlessly transforms your invoices, expenses, procurement, and payment.  

Syncing with CloudBanking  

Syncing all accounting data via CloudBanking is simple. It will sync unposted data from ConnectWise via CloudBanking to Xero. Based on the selections you have made, you can choose whether you will sync Invoices, Procurement, Expenses, and Payments as one sync action or bulk sync. CloudBanking adds this unique feature to take your default “Sync” settings, run through each Unposted Record Types, and post to your Xero Online. You can refer to the Connectwise Interface screen in CloudBanking Portal to determine which records will be posted to Xero. You can also select documents based on their tax type and Xero Account. You can also sync a bulk of unposted items in Xero and proceed with payment. 

Syncing with CloudBanking Payment 

Syncing paid invoices to ConnectWise with CloudBanking payment is another additional feature of CloudBanking. As CloudBanking is a pioneer payment company, you can make payments to process your invoices. Moreover, with a significant component of plexing, you can bring your payment processor and use CloudBanking as a gateway to paying your awaiting invoices.  

CloudBanking offers your client multiple payment options, including credit/ debit cards or direct bank payment. To process your invoice payment, make sure the invoice reference number must be the same in both systems. 

Processing Payment with CloudBanking 

1. Select the invoice reference number. 

2. Click on the Payment Tab

3. Select the card details to proceed with the payment 

4. Once the payment is proceeded and synced to Xero, you can view details in ConnectWise Portal and Xero.  

CloudBanking Subscription 

With CloudBanking, you can sync invoices as per the subscription plan. 

Subscriptions Plan Basic Plan Business Plan  Premium Plan Unlimited Plan 
Number of Invoices Synced 0-45 Invoices 46-150 Invoices 151-300 Invoices Unlimited Invoices 

Try our unbeaten subscription plan today with multiple payment gateways. 

CloudBanking Plexing 

With CloudBanking Plexing, you can avoid the risk of payment outages and downtimes. It is critical for a rapidly growing business, as every minute of downtime incurs financial and reputational losses. Integrating multiple payment gateways helps you to avoid it and ensure operational continuity no matter what.  

Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of CloudBanking Plexing: 

1. Better customer experience. – Make the payment process streamlined and frictionless by providing options for your customers’ payment methods and currencies. 

2. Facilitate expansion. – When expanding your business globally, you’ll need not only a primary payment method but also global options with multiple facilities to ensure the best coverage, fees, and stability. 

3. Increased conversion rate. – Having multiple payment processors pays off by boosting consumer conversion rates. It helps avoid customers’ frustration when they purchase and proceed to payment to find out there is no suitable payment option. In this case, you can reroute the transaction to another vendor seamlessly. Such flexibility and versatility can save your sales and increase profitability. 

4. Optimised payment flows. – CloudBanking Plexing can do magic, helping you process transactions at the most appealing fees and the highest acceptance rates. Alongside failover management, it helps to minimize declines and ensure all transactions are processed optimally. 

How to Avoid the Payment Risk? 

Cloudbanking helps you to integrate multiple payment gateways, avoiding most of the limitations from vendor lock-in. With the PCI DSS feature, we have established a connection between APIs of payment providers and acquirers globally to ensure their security, integrity, and stability. As a result, a single integration with CloudBanking gets you on board with more than 150 providers.  


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