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Grow Your MSP Practice With An Automatic Integration Between Connectwise And Xero

connectwise xero integration

It has been an epic month for CloudBanking with the launch of ConnectWise-Xero integration, including invoicing, expenses, procurement, and payments. We are excited to announce our release, as it delivers excellent features by filling in the gaps to provide the most comprehensive accounting integration for ConnectWise 

It’s been a long time in the making, and finally, we got there. Our team has been working on the integration with ConnectWise and Xero for over six months now, and our development team worked extra hard to provide a user-friendly interface. 

The outcome is that CloudBanking can now offer a complete set of services for payment and account setup. In addition, integration with 150+ payment Gateway worldwide, CloudBanking will continue the service with total data security and fraud management.  

We continue to perform the rigorous testing of these features to confirm complete support for internal interactions with the ConnectWise and Xero accounting.  Additionally, we focus on expanding into multiple markets as our service is a vital part of the ConnectWise ecosystem. 

CloudBanking Key Features 

  • Sync’s extended information including Invoices, Expenses, Procurement, and Payments 
  • Provides various subscription plan sign up for the subscription as per the number of Invoices to be Synched. 
  • Change subscription plans and add any additional features. 
  • With 150+ Payment Gateway Integration, obtain access and send payments to any provide worldwide.  

If you’re not already using CloudBanking to sync Accounting Details, then it’s time to Get Started! 


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