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Seamlessly integrate Connectwise with Xero

Are you manually recording your accounting task from ConnectWise to Xero? Well, now it’s time to put it on autopilot mode and tack back control of your finances. 

Spend less time entering numbers and fixing manual errors and get more time to grow your business and gain productivity to what matters. CloudBanking provides the industry’s first reliable and user-friendly integration to sync your accounting data between ConnectWise Manage and Xero accounting. With a built-in payment platform, CloudBanking offers a flexible integrated solution for integrating accounting and payment automation. All you need to do is- create an invoice in ConnectWise Manage and Sync it with Xero via the CloudBanking dashboard. CloudBanking provides an ultimate solution to achieve ConnectWise Synchronisation. Our expert team offers onboarding service and consultation with no set-up fee or hidden fee- our service team will work closely with your business to provide sync success.  

Product Description: 

1. Efficiency

With just a click of a button, you can sync invoices, expenses, procurement, expenses and payments. It helps you to save the cost and time you spend on manual data recording.  

2. Set once and Forget

Sync your accounting records and put an end to painful data entry as CloudBanking automatically adjusts invoices to confirm the achievement of financial validation. In addition, the invoice uploaded will automatically match the invoice in Xero, so you do not need to worry about synching. 

3. Data Validation

CloudBanking requests the end-users to respond when something strange is recognised- empowering users to take action immediately. One of the key objectives of CloudBanking is to eliminate data errors and provide a smooth synchronisation process.  

4. Subscription Scale for your Business

With no limit in syncing invoices, our platform provides a different subscription for your business, so you do not need to worry about the number of invoices to sync. Whether you issue 20 or 2000 invoices a month, CloudBanking balances with your business. In addition, you have the control of upgrading or downgrading your plans with complete visibility into all actions of the company. 

Benefit for ConnectWise Manage Users: 

Hold your Xero accounting and engage yourself with the unbeaten feature to seamlessly sync in ConnectWise Manage. CloudBanking is focused on providing the following benefits to ConnectWise Users: 

1. Sync Invoices

Auto-sync all your invoices in the CloudBanking dashboard and enjoy a complete end-user journey with grainy detail from your purchase and sales agreement straight to your accounting software. 

2. Expenses

Minimise your payment reconciliation cycle with our Expense Connect feature, and sync your detailed expenses in Xero. Pre-Set ConnectWise expenses and auto-reconcile your business expenses. 

3. Procurement

Simplify the process, eliminating item receipts and sync straight to your supplier bill. It helps you focus on productive activity- saving you ample time. 

4. Payment

With CloudBanking payment processor, never miss a pending collection and reconcile your client’s credit card or bank account, so you get paid on time. You would never need to chase a payment again as CloudBanking integrated payment solution to ConnectWise Manage. 

Here at CLoudBanking, we listen to our customers. As a result, we’re constantly innovating to meet your business needs – watch this space for new updates coming soon. 

Our Expert Team Support Onboarding

  • Let get you onboard: No matter how complex or straightforward your implementation may be, our Customer support team can help you through it with zero onboarding fee. We won’t let you go on alone, and we’re here for you – so unlike other integrations who charge a considerable amount for onboarding, we know the value of your time and money, which is why we do it for you – to make sure you’re all set-up with no issue. 
  • Customer support: Our support team is available for you when you need us. We are focused on operating globally with a dedicated team to cater to a support plan that best suits your business needs.  

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Why CloudBanking Is a Reliable Solution for MSPs 

Our company director, Andrew Formosa, realised the gap of not being able to sync between ConnectWise and Xero accounting. He looked for few options in the market, but most of them were overpriced and limited opportunities. So he created CloudBanking for Syncing Connect-Wise Manage to Xero with a built-in payment processor with multiple payment gateway options.  

Now we have the most reliable integration solution between ConnectWise Manage to Xero and multiple payment processors, so you can use your payment processor and use CloudBanking as a Gateway. 

Our dedicated team is constantly developing new features while listening to your necessities. We work hard to ensure seamless sync to empower your business with a flexible solution stack for continuous cash flow and greater efficiency at a good value for money. 

Put a full stop to an unmanaged workflow with our real-time sync. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get to syncing!


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