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CloudBanking: A Payment Partner For Airlines/Aviation

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The airlines’ industry is a leading industry in modern society. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has created travel fears and restrictions in airlines that have affected its survival in the economy. Airlines should consider improving customer experience to boost sales in the pandemic. Maintaining social distancing and social monitoring is one of the ways.  Along with that, airlines should not forget the power of digitization in marketing, sales and payments. 

In this blog, we will understand the benefits of digitization and how Payment Processor can help you improve your customer experience. New Regulations and the fact of social distancing has created challenges for customers in adapting existing business models. The new innovative features and developer API from CloudBanking focus on providing a faster and secure payment facility to Airlines. The following points will demonstrate the reasons for CloudBanking as a payment partner for Airlines/ Aviation. 

Three Reasons to Consider CloudBanking as a Payment Partner for Airlines/ Aviation:

  • Avoid Vendor Lock-In

CloudBanking is Integrated with 150+ processors. Thus, any Airlines company can use CloudBanking only as a payment gateway and continue 150+ payment processor integrations. We help you enable failover protection which can automatically route traffic to a backup payment processor even though the primary processor cuts you off. This feature of CloudBanking helps you to avoid vendor lock-in and handle complex recurring payment and billing scenarios. 

Our existing payment integration partners are Paypal, Square, Adyen, Stripe, Wise-Sync,, Zuora, Oracle, Recurly and other 150+. Connect with CloudBanking today and:

  • Experience Seamless Vendor Migration from one processor to another without the headache of migrating provider-specific payment tokens. 
  • Protect to automatically route traffic to a backup processor even if the primary processor is down. 
  • Split payment card transactions across multiple payment processors based on geography, issuer, or transaction amount. 
  • All In One Payment Platform

With the CloudBanking payment feature of reporting tools, we provide a single, consolidate view of your Airlines business performance. Including the convenience of an all-in-one payment platform, our system can save your customer information for easy reference. Moreover, it can even scan transaction history, contact details and other information to analyze the behaviour of customers and their purchase pattern. Our innovative features can help you with:

  • Effective cash flow management with real-time data monitoring. 
  • Get access to complex information transaction anytime and anywhere. 
  • View simple generated report with documentation and detailed transaction analytical reporting. 
  • Flexible Payment Solution 

With CloudBanking Virtual Terminal, make your airlines’ payment ready for your customers- anytime and anywhere via any device. Provide your customers with any payment option they prefer, including credit/ debit card or direct debit. Never miss a sale of airlines ticket sale and grow the airlines business. The virtual terminal accepts and processes card payment with a mobile phone, i-pad or computer with an internet connection. It sends digital receipts directly via email to your customers. 

The additional features provided by CloudBanking flexible payment solutions are: 

  • Accept and process any card payment or direct bank account from the web user interface or any device. 
  • Manage all kind of payments from customers, including mail orders or invoices. 
  • Manage contact details of your customers and involve them in specific plans and projects. 
airline payment partner


With CloudBanking Payment processing, you can process your invoices for customers and forecast cash flow. Our developer API helps to verify the risk associated with credit and foreign exchange.  Creating your own software can be more hassle and expensive. CloudBanking is a pioneer payment provider with advanced billing designed specifically for Private Airlines / Aviation Industry. In-associated with other industries, we have been providing payment services to private Jet companies and Aviation companies. 

With cost-effective software, our platform has built-in features for invoices, expenses, procurement and payments that can be synced with your accounting software. CloudBanking can sync payment with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. With CloudBanking, sync ConnectWise to Xero accounting with invoices, procurement, expenses and payment.  With zero initial subscription and monthly fee, you can get access to a full-service billing system and payment collection.  In this way, you can focus on other strategies for future growth and maximizing your revenue. 

Avoid delayed payment and incorrect invoices or the wrong format with CloudBanking custom invoice. Our system can issue standardized custom invoices, especially for airlines, that can speed up payment and reduce disputes. Eliminate customer credit risk and collect payment on time that are associated with credit and foreign exchange risk. 

CloudBanking is a complete payment processing solution that allows your Airlines companies to manage to outsource billing, increase collection rate and get paid on time- every time. Sign up today to get access to a Payment Partner designed for Airlines/ Aviation Industry. 


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