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CloudBanking prides itself on setting the standards for payment processing. Learn more about our story, what we do, and how we’re changing the industry.
CloudBanking is a pioneer provider of payment services in the payment processing vertical and has been known for unlocking a multitude of possibilities of payments. Our innovation, services, and employee expertise speak of our commitment to helping you operate your businesses more efficiently across a variety of channels in many markets around the world. Hence, we have continuously assisting businesses of all sizes—startup, SME, or enterprise—through our innovative technology and payment solutions.
Our deep heritage in the payment industry, along with our integrity, honesty, and reliability, has become our cornerstones to be the industry’s leader. Further, we recognize the importance of steady cash flow and flexibility of businesses to a multitude of payment options to grow and succeed. We have developed a single and streamlined cash flow management solution that can manage all payments. Our payment portal is designed to get you paid on-time while saving you from the administration cost for chasing payments and long hours of reconciling payments in your accounting system. This makes the CloudBanking platform a trusted end-to-end cash flow solution.
With our industry solutions, companies in all industries, such as retail, accounting, high risk, and professional services can design their business models and offer customers flexibility and choice. The solutions it offers optimize the customer journey by giving them choice and flexibility.


To be the leading global payment processor known for offering seamless, secure, and innovative physical and online payment services and solutions.


Empower local and global businesses to grow in the world economy. Enabling all business sizes, the right to innovative, reliable and secure technology through simplified payment experience.
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